The Philippines has become one of top tourists’ favourite destination because of the beautiful white sand beaches and pristine waters. In fact there are a lot of them in the country; to give you an idea on the best of the best beaches in the Philippines, here are some of them:

palawan, philippines Any beach in Palawan is breathtaking and definitely worth visiting, however Honda Bay is the perfect choice. You can stroll on the soft white sands or take pleasure in watching the beautiful marine life through diving and snorkelling. There are a lot of colourful fishes and stunning corals; these corals look like flowers included in the high floral arrangement value. They come in different shapes and sizes and colors too.

The beaches in Bantayan Island in Cebu are another must-see tourist destination. Walk leisurely along the coast of the island and be fascinated with the beauty of white sand beaches. You will also experience clear and pure waters in this secluded island in Cebu.

Siargao Island is considered as the surfer’s dream and this used to be one of the best kept secret beaches in the Philippines. But because of its interesting contrasts, both local and foreign tourists have grown to love the place. The waves are power and huge, the perfect surfing wave cloud 9 is the most famous wave in Siargao.

These are some of the top three beaches that you can find in the Philippines. There are 7,107 islands and you will surely find your favorite beach spot in the country.

Beaches in the Philippines


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