Lanzarote is home to stunning beaches and unparalleled volcanic landscape. Visitors to this member of the Canary Islands will find a wealth of sights to explore whether you stick to the beaten track or go off adventuring. The best way to see Lanzarote is by choosing one of the all Inclusive Holidays in Lanzarote available and take in the sights knowing everything is taken care of.

A must see on Lanzarote is the nearly 20 square mile National Park of Timanfaya on the East coast of the island. UNESCO declared the Park a world biosphere reserve in 1993 and since then it has been attracting visitors with an interest in geology and the natural world. The park consists of lava fields, giving the almost lunar landscape that Lanzarote is famous for.  While the national park is named after the only live volcano on the site, Timanfay, visitors can rest assured that there hasn’t been a recorded eruption since 1824.

Open between 9 and 5 daily there are several options for exploring this area of natural beauty. You can tour the area by bus or by foot, with it taking around 45 minutes to go round the park parameter of the park. During the tour the temperature underneath the surface here is demonstrated to guests – this is shown by pouring water into the earth to see it emit steam.  For an even more exciting experience there is also the option to tour the area by camel. with such tours running daily at around noon and lasting approximately 25 minutes a time. This is definitely the most memorable way to take in the volcanic landscape and is likely to be a highlight of your holiday.

Lanzarote boasts lunar-esque landscapes and views that you cannot find anywhere else.  Experience the ochre toned moonscape without having to travel to space; just don’t forget your camera!

Lanzarote landscape

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  1. I did not know the Canary Islands had volcanos – Visiting the islands is definitely on my bucket list – I have family that lived there for a few years and always mention the beauty that can be found there.

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