When we say classical music, it includes world- renowned musicians and composers like Mozart, Beethhoven and Brahms to name a few. All of these classical musicians have performed their works in Vienna, Austria. It is the ultimate destination for those who love music and those who enjoy the classical music genre.

Vienna, is the home for other staggering talents like the Vienna Boys Choir. If you enjoy music festivals, listening to Jay Turser guitars and concerts; then it is a must that you include Vienna in your bucket list of places to visit.

vienna music street

Other places to visit in Vienna, Austria are Ringstrassee which is a place for excellent architectural works, The State Opera House, Musuem of Fine Arts and Museum of Natural History. These places are included in the numerous walking tours offered to visitors of the country.

Nightime in Vienna means various concerts of different themes and reflecting musical periods too. The Chamber music concerts adhere to this formula and only a maximum of 50 people can be accommodated. Performers of the concerts wear period garb to allow you to feel how it was during that particular music era.

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