Even if you want to give your special someone with one of those push present gifts, you cannot do so at the moment because you’re tight on a budget. However, problems with your budget should not stop you from exploring or visiting a new place. It is very much possible to travel on a shoestring if you follow these simple tips:

• Plan your travel and do your assignments like searching for the best and latest deals that you can afford. You may want to check out the deals from low-cost carriers.
• It is best to travel off peak because you can get a better price.
• Instead of staying in posh hotels or resorts, why not choose a house or hotels which are owned and managed by the locals. But make sure that you read reviews first so that you will know what to expect.
• Prepare and cook your own food rather than eat in restaurants. You can visit the local market and prepare your own meals.
• Book your hotel or resort accommodations earlier in order to get good deals on your room rate.

Travelling on a Shoestring

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