Yoga is a mental and physical practice which started in India. A lot of people nowadays do yoga  to feel more relaxed and to reduce the stress level. Yoga gives a lot of benefits in aspects such as physical, mental and emotional. If you are going to one of those yoga retreats; remember to consider the following:

  • If it is your first time, choose the beginner level and normally the yoga instructor would find the best kind of yoga practices for you.
  • Know the location of the retreat, since yoga is done in serene and tranquil places usually you would either go to uphill or by the beach. The climate is a big factor in yoga, make sure that you choose the climate that would make you feel comfortable.
  • Check the facilities of the place. There are retreats which offer first-class facilities while other places may offer basic amenities.
  • Know the highlights of the yoga program and what type of food they serve. Vegetarian foods are often served in retreat houses, if you are a non-vegetarian you may want to consider the menu before deciding to go to a yoga holiday.
  • Find the yoga holiday that would perfectly fit your budget. You are there to relax and manage stress and not to add worries by thinking how you would pay for the expenses.

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  1. My Professor thought us of Yoga, when I first try this, I really felt silence and peace of mind , it was relaxing…

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