You and the rest of the family might be busy packing up things for a long out-of-town vacation. But traveling a baby is something that should be carefully arranged.

Immediate baby needs like feeding bottles, diapers and clothing are automatically included on your travel suitcase. However, below are the things that you might overlook but are important:

* Car seat

– Whether you are traveling with own car or taking public transport, always bring a car seat with you. Somehow, it will provide protection for your baby, even there’s no available seat belt to use.

– Never place your baby in front seat, with or without a passenger air bag. Keep the baby at the back seat all the time during the travel.

– Make sure that the car seat is properly installed or securely positioned.

* Shade screens

– Removable shade screens on your car is important to shield your baby’s eyes from sun thus keep him from getting irritated on hot temperature.

– Get a peel-and-stick shade as it is more secure just in case your baby will be curious on detaching it.

* Hat, Sunscreen lotion

– Ultraviolet rays can be harmful if too much exposure to sun. Remember to bring a hat to cover your baby and apply small amounts of sunblock to his face and back of hands.

* First-aid kit

– This is necessary just in case you need to deal with minor medical problems. You may also bring inhaler or rechargeable nebulizer if you have an asthmatic baby.

* Emergency tag or sheet

–  Keep this in handy. Complete the details like names, contact number and also your baby’s health information like the medications he takes, if there’s any.

Have a safe and happy trip with your little angel!

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