Some people think that taking a splash in chlorinated water of swimming pool, there is no need to worry about skin disease like eczema. Hence they would not need to look for good dermatologist to undergo eczema treatment. If you are a beach bum, maybe these amazing swimming pools would make you change your mind.

1.       The Library Hotel, Koh Samui, the interior design of the pool is very unique because unlike the traditional color of pool, this one is in red hue which makes it really unique and extraordinary.

2.       Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore, if you love high places this is the best choice for you. The infinity pool is at 650 feet in the air, it provides the extraordinary view of Singapore skyline. So if you are not afraid of heights, you might as well try visiting the place.

3.       The Lalu, Taiwan, this 60-meter swimming pool is the longest one found in Taiwan; take a dip while enjoying the mystic view of Sun Moon Lake.

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  1. Algene

    Nakapunta na din ako sa Marina Bay Sands Hotel! Pero di ako nakaligo sa pool. 😀

    1. ricalyn kalinisan

      aah kainngit ka naman .. hehe .. wag ka mag alla hihi . try kuh mak.punta jan 😉

    2. Donna Jane Marcuap

      really 🙂 I envy you

  2. wow! this is a great article sis! never thought of dropping by the marina sands in singapore when i was there. sayang!

    1. Donna Jane Marcuap

      You really is a traveler 🙂 but still misses some places 🙂 I envy you guys 🙂

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