Brisbane has a lot of great places-it may not be the city that never sleeps but it does have its perks, like two of the most beautiful beaches in the world is just one hour away from Brisbane, which is very convenient especially for those who enjoy and who is in love with the beach, one of the best place to visit in Brisbane is West End.

West End is one of the most magical places in the world because there is absolutely so much to do and learn there. Aside from the great thing of it being the place where Claude-Michel Schönberg’s MISS SAIGON made its debut performance, another fascinating place which is located just across the Brisbane River. It has a mixture of both interesting shops and restaurants which also offer an interesting dining experience because of the many family owned places near the junction of Melbourne Street and Stanley Street.

You’ll be able to enjoy fine dining together with Australian wine from the Melbourne Hotel- This will definitely satisfy your stay in these places. Especially in Gloria Jean’s Coffee which is also located at West End; if you are a fan of chilling, and hanging out with friends while having a relaxing cup of coffee, this place is definitely for you because they serve great coffee without you running out of things to chat with your special someone. It is a great place to catch up and just bond with whomever because of the aroma, the relaxing and pleasing atmosphere.

It just makes every exhausting day worth it, so whether you are on your way home from a stressful day at work, or you’re anxiously dreading your way going to work- just start the day right by stopping by at Gloria Jean’s Coffee-it will definitely turn your bad day around.

West End is truly an escape where in passion and relaxation can take place.

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