Pictures are major part of traveling, it provides tangible souvenir of the places visited and traveled. Thus it is important to capture photos which are almost perfect for postcard printing. Here are some tips on how to take good pictures while traveling:

  • Consider the lighting when taking photos; there should be sufficient light most especially for indoor photos.
  • Follow the rule of thirds to make the photo more interesting. Do not put the main subject in the center of the frame, place in an area such as third from the top or the bottom of the frame.
  • Take photos when stationary; as much as you are tempted to take picture while riding a bus; it would not produce a good picture at all.

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  1. Yeah, professional photographers consider those things when taking pictures, I don’t know if I really did those tips in taking pictures, It’s fine as long as it is clear and distinguishable … 🙂

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