Love is such a wonderful feeling and anyone would want to spend even a day on one of these romantic places with their loved ones. For the gentlemen who have not dropped the big question yet, these are some of the world’s most romantic places. Choose from one of those scott kay rings for the perfect engagement ring, and get ready to drop on your knee to pop the question.

  • Paris, France is lovers’ place, you can go to the Eiffel Tower to get the feel of Heavenly Romance.
  • Egypt is also considered as one of the romantic places, remember the story of Cleopatra and Julius Cesar?  Take a cruise in the Nile River and get the feel of the romantic ambiance.
  • Venice, Italy another perfect venue to declare love. Ride in one of those gondola and enjoy the site of Roman sculptures.

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  1. Nice places, someday I want my man to bring me to places , the romantic ones ^^ , I will suggest to him to read this, because I love the suggested places ahaha 🙂

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