Travel goes hand-in-hand with food, as you visit a new place you will also explore and discover things like the best food in town. In going to restaurants either alone or with friends and family; there are restaurant etiquettes should be kept in mind all the time.

Some of these restaurant etiquettes would include:

• If you are a smoker and you have plans of smoking after meal; ask the waiter for a table in smoking area. It is very inconsiderate to smoke in non-smoking area, unless you are using long lasting electronic cigarettes

• If you sneeze during the meal, do not use the napkin as handkerchief instead excuse yourself and go to the rest room.

• Place your napkin on the chair if you need to excuse yourself in between meal; it is rude to place soiled napkin on the table.

• The amount of your tip is the overall feedback of your dining experience; generally speaking a tip of 15% of the amount is given if the service is satisfactory.

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  1. So, those Restaurant etiquette are important 🙂 I’ll practice those so that when i enter a 5 star resto 🙂 I’ll not be ” ?”

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