Puerto Galera is known as the Pearl of Mindoro. It is one of the famous destinations in the Philippines especially for those who want to take pleasure of seeing corals and other interesting marine life such as sea anemones. The place is popular for its beautiful beaches and diving sites. There are many beach resorts in the area among the popular ones are Sabang Beach and the La Laguna Beach resort. These beach resorts offer a lot of water sports like banana boat ride and diving,

Aside from taking fancy on the white sand beach; there are other things to do in Puerto Galera. Fall in love with the Tamaraw Falls; it has a cool and refreshing water perfect for on hot summer days. It is located only 15 kms away from Puerto Galera and one of the must-see places in Mindoro.

Dance your night away in the lively night life of the place. Enjoy the local cocktail known as Mindoro sling. Of course,visiting the place would not be complete without having a henna tattoo or your hair braided. There are simply a lot of things to do while in Puerto Galera.

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  1. To really feel the vim and vigor of the island, Or. Mindoro in general or Puerto Galera in particular is to take the long road from Batangas to Calapan pier via Roro or supercat and taking a jeep or van to Puerto Galera. The winding mountain road starts at San Teodoro and from there you can see glimpses of the sea and pass by Tamaraw Falls. You may request the jeep driver to stop for some minutes so you can take pictures of the falls and the scenery. Then on to Puerto Galera. Bora is what it is touted to be but Puerto Galera has a charm that you may not forget. I know because I’ve to both.

  2. Puerto Galera is a soothing vision of shimmering seas surrounded by lush mountains. It is considered one of the most beautiful and developed beach resort community in the country.
    I? it 🙂

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