The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches like Boracay. But aside from the famous Boracay there are still a lot of undiscovered vacation spots that one can truly enjoy.

In Pundakit, San Antonio Zambales there is a resort called Punta De Uian which is becoming one of the favorite places for vacation. The water of Zambales boast for its big waves and water surfing is one of the known activities of the place.

The resort has very good amenities, they even have free WiFi access for all the guests; I wonder if they use Linksys router for the internet. They also serve free breakfast for the guests and you also have the option to rent a jetski to enjoy the waves. Boats can be rented for island hopping in Pundakit.

So if you want to spent quiet time with your family and loved ones; your next stop for the summer vacation would be Punta De Uian.

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  1. Punta De Uian, oh sa Zambales pla iyan 🙂 too far from our place, pero still, i wanna visit that place cause my cousin and her guy went there for a vacation 🙂

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