One of the most distinctive and special cities in the world is placed in the American state of Nevada. You probably know which city we are talking about and we believe that spending a vacation trip in Las Vegas is everyone’s dream. No matter how much you like to gamble, or what is it that you perceive as entertainment. A honeymoon in Las Vegas is always the perfect place to have the funniest and most amazing time of your life so if you are willing to experience new and incredible sensations, please come with us here and take a look at some of the most fabulous hotels and casinos in the city for your honeymoon. You won’t ever want to leave it!

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One of the most famous and impressive hotels with a casino in Las Vegas is The Bellagio. Located at 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard S, this majestic hotel over delivers with on site facilities such as outdoor swimming pools, hair salon, health club, poolside bar, sauna and spa services, bar and lounge areas, gift shops, nightclub, parking area, restaurants and room service. Of course, it also has it own casino, which happens to be one of the most incredible casinos in the whole city. The hotel rooms are certainly luxurious and fully equipped with the best and most modern amenities.

Another fantastic hotel with a casino worth visiting in Las Vegas is the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, which is located at 11011 W Charleston Boulevard. There you will be able to enjoy on site facilities such as ballroom, bars and restaurants, fitness center, full spa and sauna, swimming pools, hair salon, health club, nightclub, parking area and a magnificent casino where you can play all night long. As for the suites and rooms, they are truly sophisticated and feature some of the most exclusive and amazing amenities for you to enjoy freely.

Enjoy your honeymoon travel and discover the best romantic places and destinations in Las Vegas, an unforgettable place for your romantic trip!

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  1. The Bellagio is a nice casino, but I’ve always preferred the Venetian because of the Venice theme, and the boat ride at the casino is perfect for a romantic trip.

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