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Many Filipinos are drawn to visit Spain because of the heavy Spanish influence in the country. Many are also descendants of Spanish ancestors. That is why many people want to trace their roots. It is not surprising because Spain has colonized the Philippines for a very long time and thus we have adapted many of the cultures, lifestyles, and even the words. Yes, many Filipino words are derived from their Spanish counterparts.

That’s why I really made sure I was able to see Spain before we moved to Asia. We went to Barcelona in 2006 just before we moved to Singapore.

One of the many places in Spain that attract both European and international tourists alike is Barcelona. This place is like a melting pot where modernization meets the charming past. Despite its innovations around the city, the culture and identity of the place is still very strong.

Since Barcelona is an old city, the best tour to take is one that takes you way down memory lane in order to better understand the place, the people, and their culture. Plus, this place is so rich in history that you would marvel at the different stories to learn. See the works of Antoni Gaudi . The most popular work of Gaudi is the unfinished church – Sagrada Familia. Although the building is still a work in progress, you will be amaze how beautiful it is inside and out.

We visited some more places but I still need to find the pictures. I’ll look for them and post about them in the coming days.

For those who are interested to go around Barcelona, it is best to go there on a non-peak season to avail of low cost holidays. Depending on your interests, you can visit a lot of churches and other old buildings that have made Barcelona famous like Or you can hit the beach because they also have some of the finest beaches in Spain. Aquarium Barcelona is one modern place to visit and would surely delight kids for a complete family holiday.

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  1. Ooohhh! How nice! Like you said, I’m partly Spanish too with my middle name being Martinez. And how I wish I could visit some of my relatives there. I will definitely watch out for that eerie but awesome church Sagrada Familia. It looks like it’d be a perfect destination for this coming Halloween. 😉

  2. loved the gothic-style church. would want to visit spain in my lifetime 🙂 and hope to see real madrid’s cristiano ronaldo 🙂

    visiting here. pls visit me back, pretty pretty please 🙂

  3. Spain has been one of the countries I would love to visit someday. I like places with rich history and would like to see that unfinished church though it looks amazing already. Hope I’ll be able to go there someday.

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