Florida has reached more than 34 million visitors each year and with that being said, Orlando is automatically known as the undisputed theme part capital of the world. Well, obviously, this is because of Disneyworld. But aside from that, there are so many more places that Florida has to offer; such as, Universal Orlando Resort and Seaworld; Busch Gardens located in Tampa and the Daytona International Speedway and Everglades national park.

Because Florida is known as the Theme park capital of the world, here are some of Florida’s Most popular theme places for both fun and adventures:

  • Cape Canaveral is Florida’s space coast where in people are being launched into space; this is actually the exact place where the space shuttle was first launched.
  • Busch Gardens, Tampa is where Florida’s largest and fastest roller coaster is found. This roller coaster is called Sheikra- the tallest dive coaster in the world with a 70mph of pure excitement. It travels up to 200 feet up and dives into the water-filled pit! Woah!
  • Bush Gardens Zoo is one of America’s top zoos filled with 2600 animals.

Florida is definitely a great escapade with the family because of all the things that can be done here, this also includes bonding moments during road-trips while on the way to Florida together with adorable car games and car songs, packed lunch, teasing and cute little arguments coming from the kids fighting over what to do first when you get there or who gets to ride where etc.

Make more moments like these, for these experience can help mold the very essence of your child/children. Family time matters.

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