The province of Bohol is one of the many popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is popular for beautiful beaches and resorts. Aside from the white sand Bohol beach resorts, the province is also famous for Chocolate Hills, lime stone formations and of course, the animal Tarsier.

Bohol is comprised of numerous towns and municipalities. The capital of this province which is Tagbilaran is known for interesting landmarks such as the Sandugo Blood Compact Site. The Bohol Museum is also located in this town.

The island of Panglao is the home for Bohol beach resorts. Visiting any of the beach resorts would also allow tourists to do whale watching or dolphin watching tours. If you are into deep sea diving, there are numerous diving schools in this island.

A historic tour during the Spanish era is possible when visiting the town of Loboc. It is considered as the oldest town in Bohol. It is also the hometown of the famous Loboc Childrenโ€™s choir. The town is also popularized by its floating restaurants on the Loboc River.

There are just too many places to visit in the province of Bohol. The tourists will not only enjoy the Bohol beach resorts but will also enrich their knowledge by learning more about the culture and traditions of the province.

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  1. Bohol is also a nice place to live for good! Life is still affordable, the infrastructure is better than in many other places in the Philippines and the people are very friendly.

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