When visiting any European countries, knowing the dos and don’ts will make the trip hassle-free. If you plan to go on Eurotrip, better take note of the essential stops or must-see places for those who are going on a Eurotrip for the first time.

  • In the city of lovers Paris, riding the high-speed Channel train will take you to beautiful places in the city.
  • The colorful Barcelona is another must-see place to enjoy beautiful architectural structure.
  • London should not be missed too. Never miss the chance to see the famous Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
  • When in Rome, you can visit among the long list of monumental attractions of the place like the Vatican City.
  • Budapest is popular for its thermal bath. It also has a lively cafe culture that visitors will enjoy.

Europe is also known for its interesting and yummy cuisines. Eurotrip can also be a good way for food tripping, just don’t forget to bring with you the best weight loss pills to prevent gaining extra pounds.

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  1. Traveling Europe, maybe one reason is that I am much delighted and interested with its interesting and yummy cuisines 😛 sound delicious

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