Egypt is touted as one of the best tour destinations in the Middle East because of its rich antiquity and magnificent landmarks that enchant tourists. Visitors can experience different sensations in Egypt from the cold and dark interiors of pyramids and museum, hot and humid air of the desert, to the cool clear waters of the Nile River and Red Sea.

Just like the deserts and pyramids, Egyptian waters also hold enchantment and mystery for underwater enthusiast. A holiday at the coastal town of Sharm El Shiekh will show you the wonders of the Red Sea including its rich and colorful underwater life. Tropical fish, dolphins, octopi, and other exotic sea creatures are just a few sights that you can enjoy. Varying coral formations at different depths will amaze snorkelers and divers alike. You may also get the services of professional divers to guide you into the deeper and more mysterious parts of the sea including remains of shipwrecks.

Resorts and accommodations along the coast are tailored for aquatic enthusiasts. There’s luxury resort hotels as the Hilton, Sheraton, and the Renaissance and the smaller hotels with all-inclusive package deals.

Gears and equipment for various aqua sports are readily available onshore. You can rent out for the day what gear you need and enjoy the waters as much as you can.

If you can’t get enough of the water then you may avail of live aboard services, a preferred accommodation for intermediate and professional divers. It allows them to stay on the boat overnight to spend as much time as they want diving and exploring the more challenging waters of the Red Sea.

There really is more to Egypt than pyramids and sand dunes.  Dive into its enchanting waters and have one of the most unique Egypt holidays ever and feel rejuvenated during your stay.

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