When in the Philippines, Davao City is one of the places that tourists and travelers are eager to visit. In coordination with the tropical climate that this wonderful city has, Davao has a lot of tourist destinations that every traveler would surely love to visit.

Davao Pearl Farm Island Resort– one of the renowned and world-class beach resorts in Davao, the Davao Pearl Farm Island Resort has all what it takes for the tourists to chill out, relax and allows one to escape from the stress that the city life brings. With the white sand it has, the Pearl Farm Island Resort is located just 45 minutes away by boat from the City proper of Davao.

Pearl Farm Island Resort can be the place for leisure and business travelers. For sports minded travelers, the resort has wide array of water sports available. Meeting facilities are also set ready for those who wanted to conduct business while enjoying their leisure time. With the spa service available in Pearl Farm Island Resort, combining business and pleasure has never been easy.

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The Eden Nature Park – experience the beauty of nature and Davao’s fresh air by visiting the Eden Nature Park. Family and friend will definitely enjoy various nature activities that they can do in this wonderful place in Davao. One of the most exciting nature adventures that this park has is the Skyrider that will surely take your breath away as you shout your heart out by the time you take the plunge into the zip-line. Other adventure that one can do is a fun trek down the Mountain Trail or simply camp out with friends and family members. In addition, Eden Nature Park is known of being a great producer of organic fruits and vegetables.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation – hailed as the mighty king of the skies, the Philippine Eagle has its sanctuary at the Philippine Eagle Foundation that can be found only in Davao City. Aside from being the home of the world’s largest eagle, the Philippine Eagle Foundation also welcomes tourist and local visitor who wanted to witness the beauty and wonders of its surroundings. Be close to this endangered species by visiting the foundation that is located in Malagos, Calinan District in Davao City.

Aside from the beautiful resorts and tourist attractions that Davao has, other reasons why visiting Davao is very inviting are their biggest annual events including the Araw Ng Dabaw (Davao Day) that happens every March 16 and the Kadayawan Festival that happens every August.

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Araw Ng Dabaw (Davao Day) – is one of Davao’s biggest annual event that happens every March 16 of each year. This annual celebration in Davao highlights various events like numerous cultural performances, beauty pageant that unveils the beautiful Davaoeñas, and the most exciting and a must see, the floral float parade that displays Davao’s abundant flowers.

Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival – is another annual festival in Davao City, Philippines that one should not miss to witness. Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest that the City has for the whole year that happens every August. Events like music festivals, sports activities, cultural shows, and more highlights the event. The “Indak Indak Sa Kadalanan” is one of the highlights where students from different universities, employees from different companies and government offices, and even the “lumads” themselves dance on the streets of Davao in their colorful costumes celebrating the goodness of our creator.

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