Every year, many people, and families of all kinds, decide to take a summer vacation. If you and your family are thinking of planning a summer vacation, have you chosen a destination yet? When families head out to their summer vacation destination, the majority of them end up at the same place, the beach.

Summer vacations along the beach are considered a vacation “hotspot.” We all love the sand, sun, and crashing waves. There numerous advantages and disadvantages to vacationing at the most popular beaches. The primary disadvantage would have to be the crowds. If you choose a well-known beach, such as South Beach, Daytona Beach, or Virginia Beach, you’ll likely end up being one of the thousands enjoying in the sun.

Cottage & Cabin Rentals
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When it comes to beaches, there’s a good chance you only think of coastal locations. However, the shoreline of a large river or lake can just as easily be turned into a beach; actually, a good number of them are. They are often called inland beaches. When you think of visiting inland beaches, you may become concerned with the lack of accommodations.

Although it’s true that a many inland beaches don’t have premier, onsite hotels, many have something even better; private cottage rentals. Private cabin or cottage rentals are found right on the banks of many popular lakes in the U.S. Many can be found right on the shoreline. Cottage and cabin rentals are usually similar to traditional, everyday homes. That’s because they normally come fully furnished and offer multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen.

Many inland beach cottage rentals are highly sought after because they are so close to the water.

A lof of the rental locations have their own private stretch of beach and water, where you can swim or bask in the sun without being over-run. You can spend your days and nights relaxing on your private shoreline. Not only do they often have private shorelines, but many cottage rentals are located together, creating a community atmosphere. There are also usually common services near-by such as boating, laundry, restroom facilities, picnic areas, and more.

Are you thinking that an inland beach cottage rental sounds like the perfect vacation for you or your family? Whether you are getting away on a romantic vacation with your special someone, with your family, or getting some time in for yourself, a private cottage on an inland beach could be that magic getaway you’re dreaming of.

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