Ossuary is also known as the Church of Bones because this cathedral is almost made out of human remains. This Roman Catholic Church has Gothic inspired designs. It is located just beneath the cemetery of Church of All Saints in Sedlec, Czech Republic.

The Sedlec Ossuary is believed to have approximately around 70,000 human skeletons. It may look very eerie but these bones were arranged in a very artistic manner either as church decorations or furnishings. Despite its peculiarity, the Church of Bones is the most frequented tourist destination in Czech Republic. There are around 200 thousand visitors every year who come and visit the church made of human remains.

I wonder if the switch plates were made of human skeleton too?

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  1. gosh! that’s a very creepy church! I don’t think I will ever had had the courage to visit the place, makes me think of creepy places in Baguio City. Have you tries entering one of the haunted house in Baguio?

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