If you are looking for places to visit which will not only satisfy your eyes but will feed you with knowledge; then the best place to visit are the countries in Asia. The best vacation spots in Asia boast of its colorful culture and traditions, there are shopping venues and restaurants that offer delicious and exotic cuisines.

The best vacation spots in Asia would include the following countries and places like:

  • Laos is the perfect place to visit if you and your family are looking for a vacation which is less modern. If your family is after a little adventure this one of the best vacation spots in Asia that you and your kids will truly enjoy. The means of transportation in this country are usually trucks which were converted to become public transport by setting up benches. There are beautiful temples to visit and the town of Luang Prabang will allow the tourists to walk along boulevards.
  • Another best vacation spots in Asia is Thailand, it is known as the most frequented country in South East Asia by the tourists. Golf tours and camping adventures are some of the activities that families can enjoy. Thailand is known for its golf courses, in fact there are an estimated 150 courses in this country.
  • Lastly, a trip to Cambodia will complete the vacation in Asia, visiting the temples in Angkor is one of the many activities that families will enjoy in this country. Most of the temples found in Angkor are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    1. Thailand is where most of my professors happen to visit , and everytime they told us about thailand , we are envious 😉

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