If you’re hoping to get away from the stresses of every day life, then choosing to vacation Seychelles could very well be the answer to your prayers. In fact, the most prominent feature that Seychelles is known for is its seclusion. Just off the East coast of Africa lies this 150,000 square miles made up of 115 islands, which puts it in the Indian Ocean. The vacation islands of the Seychelles vary, with some of them being made of granite rock while others provide a garden oasis to enjoy. When you vacation Seychelles, you’ll see plenty of flora found that isn’t found anywhere else in the world.

Seychelles wasn’t really inhabited until the late 1700’s when the French colonists settled here. However, the islands have come to have some culture that derives from an array of ethnic groups that call Seychelles home. For instance, African slaves were imported here from mainland. Therefore, you’ll find that a lot of the country’s traditional music is actually derived from the African slave’s prayers. Their prayers were often transformed into chants, which are now seen in song and dance. This isn’t the only kind of music that you’ll hear when you vacation Seychelles, though. There’s an alluring mix of African, Chinese, European, and Indian music that can be found being played with banjos, violins, African skin drums, and other native instruments.

Though there are an astounding 115 islands in Seychelles, the three largest are Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin. Mahe is the probably the most known of these vacation islands because it has been developed more than the rest. Here you can find a beautiful mountain range, with Morro Seychellois being the tallest peak. There’s a national park that nature lovers and hikers will love.

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Scuba Diving While You Vacation Seychelles
If you love to scuba dive, have always dreamed of seeing the awe-inspiring sights of the under-sea-world, or have a love of nature in any way, then you’re going to love to vacation Seychelles. There are four marine national parks crammed full of fish and coral to explore. Saint Anne is home to one of these, with its amazingly clear water you’d think it was created just for snorkeling. People from all over the world visit Baie Ternay for shallow-water scuba diving. In these amazing vacation islands, you can get lost in another world as you take in the sights of shipwrecks and more.

Rare Animals & Bird Watching on These Vacation Islands
If you’re not likely to take well to the many water-filled adventures, don’t worry. There’s still plenty more in this natural wonderland to explore. Maybe you’re the type of person to enjoy the sights of animals that have been able to survive in this tucked-away paradise. You can see the black parrot and the fruit pigeon, thanks to the bird sanctuaries found on four of these vacation islands. The islands that have these and are perfect for bird watching are Aride, Cousin, Bird Island, and Fregate.

Another fascinating animal you can observe is the giant tortoise. The only other place in the world you can find them like you can when you vacation Seychelles, is the Galapagos Islands. The tortoises were nearly killed off by hunters, seafarers, pirates, and whalers…but luckily they’re still found on the island of Aldabra though. They can grow to an enormous 100 kilos!

seychelles, giant tortoise

With 115 vacation islands, you’re sure to find something that will live forever in your memories and photos. Because Seychelles boasts a nice, warm climate all year long, it’s always a good time to visit! However, the varying trade winds provide for slightly different feels to the air. From October to March, there are north-westerly winds averaging 8-12 knots; From May to September there are south-easterly winds averaging 10-20 knot (a bit cooler and winds are a little stronger, making for great sailing conditions). From April to October, you’ll enjoy calmer, warmer conditions. April/May and October/November are prime times for swimming, scuba, and other water sports, with the water often reaching a comfortable 29 degrees Celsius and an amazing 30 meters of visibility.

To vacation Seychelles is truly an amazing venture if you’re looking to escape the busy world we’re all so used to these days. Relax in a South African villa  – all natural ambience and get up close and personal with some amazing flora and wildlife.

Important Information

Passport/Visa Requirements: Visitors must have a current passport valid for six months after the scheduled date of departure from the Seychelles in their possession. Visitors must also have an onward travel or return ticket. A visitor’s permit, obtained upon arrival, is good for one month and may be extended for another two months with proof of sufficient funds. Reconfirm travel document requirements with your carrier before departure.

  • Population: 81,895.
  • Languages: Creole, English, French.
  • Predominant Religions: Christian (Roman Catholic).
  • Time Zone: 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+4 GMT). Daylight Saving Time is not observed.
  • Voltage Requirements: 240 volts. British-style three-point square-pin plugs are used.
  • Telephone Codes: 248, country cod

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