^Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville

For a music lover, it is not enough to simply listen on the playlist and be awed with how each musical instrument is played and mixed using Numark NS6. As they say, nothing beats experiencing the local music scene. Going to one of these American cities will allow you to enjoy music and learn more about music history too.

  • Nashville, Tennessee – this is the place to go if you want to take a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame. A perfect place for people who want to break in the music industry.
  • New York, New York –the Central Park is the perfect venue to hear some street music or you can also visit one of the night clubs and hear the DJ play the hottest music. There are also some karaoke bars that you can go and practice your vocal chords.
  • Austin, Texas – it is known as the world’s capital for live music. There are a lot of music festivals held in this place including the three-day Austin city music festival.

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