One of the most popular holiday haven in Europe is Benidorm. Millions of tourists, may it local or foreign visitors, flocked towards that coastal town in Spain.

Benidorm is sometimes referred to as the “Manhattan of Spain” or “Beniyok” and its tourist-oriented economy made the town known for hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers.

And if you have limited travel funds but would love to enjoy your break, there are cheap benidorm holidays packages that you can avail.

Especially when you love nightlife, viewing the skyscrapers while filling your thirst with cold beers or wines may be pleasurable enough. There are over a thousand of bars, clubs and restaurants in Benidorm that you could choose from! Also walking in the two-mile boardwalk in Playa de Levante with your special someone is somewhat amusing too.

Aside from beach resorts, you may also opt to visit their theme parks where you and the rest of the family could enjoy.

Also, you need not to worry where to stay and rest because there are numerous apartments and hotels, even at the beach side, that offers inexpensive rates and special discounts.

Benidorm is a place where you can have fun whether it is summer or winter season.


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