You have your vacation venue set and you have made your hotel booking. You are ready to go to the much awaited vacation. All you need to do is to pack your stuff inside one traveling bag. Make a short list on the things that you need to bring with you including your anti aging skin products. This can be a tough part for people who are not packing geniuses. Keep in mind that you need to pack things by layer.

On the Top layer

Jackets, poncho and hat should be placed on the top layer because in case you need to wear one, it would be easier to pull it out from the baggage.

In the Middle layer

This could be the place for your shoes; inside the shoes you can stuff it with socks or jewelry purse.

The Bottom Layer

Heavy items should be placed at the bottom part near the wheels. This would prevent the baggage from toppling when placed in upright position. You can roll the clothes to prevent from too much wrinkles and place it on the flat surface of the baggage.

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