20 Replies to “Kauai Dreams”

  1. Kauai is truly the Garden Isle and a paradise like no other. It is not a showy place nor are the people of that mindset. It is traditionally beautiful set in a landscape of beauty and grandeur like no other. If you are looking for nightlife, please don’t come. If you are a party person, hele on to Mauai. You want beauty and air filled with flowers and scents indigenous to that island, hiking in a grand canyon or inner tubing down sugar cane canals and horseback riding to waterfalls then you have found what many still want kept secret.
    Advice: leave the black sox and sandals at home along with your watch and computer…

  2. wow! me and my friend are actually hoping of living for a while in beautiful kauai before college. so peaceful and beautiful, just to spend a day walking around and surfing basking in the sweet sun. gotta love kauai!

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