How to Fly with Kids

It may seem like kids and flying is a recipe for disaster.

Take the following advice, though, and your next vacation with the little ones should start and finish without a hitch.


Schedule to fly at night

Kids are much more likely to sleep on a plane if you fly at night so factor this into your vacation plans if possible. Ask for a pillow and a blanket once you board the plane in order to make it as comfortable as possible for your little ones.

Pack plenty of in-flight entertainment

Keeping children distracted on a plane is easier said than done. While older kids and adults can sit there for hours and either watch an in-flight movie, read or go to sleep, a young child is likely to need plenty of looking after. This means packing snacks for them, books and toys.

Take extra clothing

Be prepared for the possibility of your child being impacted by travel sickness by packing extra items of clothing just in case they need a quick change. Buy medication as well if your child is old enough to take it. It’s also important to get your child’s ears cleaned by a medical expert because a build-up of wax can cause distress when air pressure changes during a flight.





Fly too soon after giving birth

Common sense tells you to leave it a while after the end of your pregnancy before you go on a vacation. There’s no right or wrong answer in terms of when you can fly with a newborn baby, but it’s probably best to leave it at least two or three months.

Forget to take plenty of food and drink

Experience tells us that a hungry or thirsty child is usually an unhappy child and that is likely to cause a scene on a packed plane. Pack plenty of food and drink in order to keep your little ones hydrated and happy.

Think you should stay too close to home

Resist the temptation to only take a vacation a short plane journey away from where you live because travel broadens the mind for people of all ages. Or, you can opt to travel by car to a nearby city. Providing you get the right kinds of injections, you can pretty much go wherever you like. Following pregnancy week by week your little one will get more and more hardened to everything so don’t be afraid to explore the world with your ever-growing family.

2 Replies to “How to Fly with Kids”

  1. I actually flew for the first time with my three kids last summer (ages 8, 5, and 3) and I was really surprised by how well they did. We even had a 2 hour delay after we boarded, so we had to sit in the plane for a lot longer than expected.

  2. I’ve never flown with kids myself but I’ve been on planes enough to know that any problems are usually the parents’ fault for not planning appropriately. I especially like your tip to fly at night – the best!

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